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Policies & Procedures


Saturday, July 6. Please arrive between 2 and 3pm.  Upon arrival, go directly to Parker Lodge (150 N Skyline Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72701)  to complete registration.   Students will move into their residence hall and meet at 3pm for orientation. All visitors will be asked to leave campus by no later than 4pm official program start. 


The final day of the SummerStage program will include a public performance of the student showcase.  Parents, family and friends are encouraged to attend the performance.  The performance will begin at 2pm on Saturday, JULY 13.  This performance will take place at THEATRESQUARED, located at 477 West Spring Street.  Following the performance, students will have a final meeting with faculty and then be ready to CHECK OUT FROM THE THEATRESQUARED PERFORMANCE VENUE no later than 4pm.  Only parents, guardians, or specifically authorized individuals will be able to leave with a student.  Dinner will not be served that day.  The residence hall will be closed. 


Because of the short duration of the program, visitors will not be permitted on campus except in emergency situations.  In the case of an emergency that necessitates an in-person visit with a student, one of the Parent/Guardians or Emergency Contacts from the student’s Agreement and Responsibility Form should contact the Director of the Program to make arrangements for the visit. 


Clothing, Sneakers or close-toed athletic shoes, Pajamas, Toiletries including water shoes/flip flops, Prescription Medications (only if issued in student’s name), Umbrella



Cell Phone, Tablets (e.g. iPad, Kindle, Zune, Nook, etc.), Computers, Swimsuit, Musical instruments and associated equipment (no amplifiers), Snacks that do not need to be refrigerated, Board games/Cards, Camera


The SummerStage program will NOT be responsible for lost or damaged items, students hold full responsibility for any item that they elect to bring with them to the program.  Students are advised to lock their rooms to make sure that their personal effects are secure. 


Sheets, pillows and blankets (they will be furnished), Televisions/DVD/video players, Video game devices, Electric heaters, Hot plates or other food-warming appliances, Fireworks, Explosives, Cigarettes or smoking materials, Tobacco products, Matches or lighters, Halogen lamps, Quartz light bulbs/lamps, Candles, Incense, Fluid lamps/lanterns, Hoverboards , Skates (of any kind), Skateboards, Drones, Scooters (of any kind), Bicycles, Weapons (of any kind), Toys that look like weapons, Walkie-Talkies, Handcuffs (or other restraint devices), Alcohol, Illegal substances or illegal objects of any kind, Prescription medications not issued in the student’s name


Attire for SummerStage is “casual but covered”.  Skimpy or extremely short clothing items are inappropriate attire for all students.   Students should plan to attend “movement” classes daily, so comfortable clothes/shoes to move in are necessary.  For the showcase, students should bring one set of “performance” clothes that would include black tops, bottoms, socks and shoes. If any student does not have any all-black clothing item, we will be happy to search in our costume storage. 


If for any reason a student is unable to participate in classes for more than one full day, they may be asked to leave the program.   If the student is dismissed, an authorized individual must pick the student up from campus within a reasonable amount of time.       


Room keys must be kept secure at all times. For security reasons, lost keys must be reported immediately. There is a $50 charge for lost keys. Residence hall rooms must be kept locked when unoccupied. We will provide a lanyard with a name-tag for students that can be used to securely carry their room key. 


If you need to ship something to a student, you can mail it to:


                ATTN: SummerStage


                477 W. Spring St

                Fayetteville, AR 72701


There will be a first aid station on site in both the residence hall and the theatre with cold storage for medicine. Medical emergencies will be referred to the local walk-in clinic or hospital. It is important that SummerStage receives complete insurance information, as well as ONE photocopy of both sides of each student’s medical insurance card. Students who take prescription medication must provide SummerStage with the medication information (storage and instructions) and a schedule. The student will transfer the medication to his/her hall director on the first day of the program.  Please ensure that there is enough medication for all eight days of the program and that the containers are clearly labeled.


It is not necessary for SummerStage students to bring any money with them to spend during the duration of the program. All meals are provided.


Residence hall rooms do NOT have land lines available. Students may use personal cell phones only during non-class time or when they are invited to use them during classes.  No calls - incoming or outgoing - are allowed between 11pm. and 7am. 


Students may not have cars, motorcycles, bicycles, hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, or skates on campus.  If a student has been authorized to drive a vehicle to/from the program, they will need to turn in their keys and will not have access to the vehicle during the duration of the program. 


Possession or use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or other illegal drugs will result in immediate dismissal.


Unless they are engaged in a program-sponsored activity, participants must be in their rooms by 10p.m. each night, with lights out at 11pm.


Damage to property of SummerStage or residence halls will be replaced or repaired at the participant’s expense. Window screens must not be removed. Nothing should be tacked or glued to walls or windows.  Students may not post notes, announcements, or pictures in public spaces without permission from the Director. Furniture in residence rooms must not be moved or altered in any way.


Fireworks, explosives, candles, incense, and items constituting an open flame, burning element hazard, or an unsupervised flammable object hazard are prohibited from campus. Unsafe usage of materials is also prohibited.


Official name tags must be worn at all times, unless instructed otherwise. Name tags are required for admittance into the student’s residence hall and the dining hall.


Students  are permitted to bring laptops or tablet devices, but are advised that any damage or loss of property is not the responsibility of the SummerStage program, and usage is limited to non-class time or when permitted by the instructors.  Computers with internet access are provided in the computer lab. Participants must not use SummerStage computers to a) play or download games, music, movies, or other copyrighted material, b) view or download pornography, or c) engage in any sort of harmful or unauthorized programming.


Students are expected to follow all instructions given to them by any member of the SummerStage faculty and staff, and to be respectful of their instructors and peers at all times. Stealing, bullying or harmful behavior  under any circumstances will result in immediate dismissal.

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