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TheatreSquared's Studio Theatre

TheatreSquared’s new 50,000 square-foot home unites two state-of-the-art theatres, the company’s first dedicated rehearsal space, offices, education and community space, on-site workshops for scenery, props and costumes, eight dedicated guest artist apartments, outdoor terraces at three levels, and an open-all-day café/bar at the active corner of West & Spring. 

Board-formed architectural concrete wraps both theatre volumes. The theatre's mainstage is designed for perfect acoustic isolation from even the blast of a freight train’s horn one block away. 

In Marvel Architects’ innovative design, the artistic spaces, far from hidden, actually project from the facade. The studio, rehearsal space, and mainstage are all plainly visible from the street, so that no matter where you stand outside, it's clear the building's purpose is to create and experience live theatre. 

Sustainable through-and-through, the project exceeds national standards with repurposed building materials, all-LED lights, furniture milled from trees on site, enhanced commissioning, and efficient systems. 

Mount Sequoyah Map.jpg

Mount Sequoyah 
Hickory and Birch

Students will spend the week on the beautiful Mount Sequoyah campus which overlooks downtown Fayetteville. Students will reside in either Hickory or Birch, two historic one story facilities.  All students will stay on campus for the duration of the program.  Each room will house two to four students.  There will be a male and female resident assistant onsite at all times.  





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