SummerStage 2020

JULY 20-24

What is SummerStage?

SummerStage, now in its fourth year, is a one-week residential program that provides students an opportunity to collaborate and create with students from all over the state of Arkansas.   The 2020 program is provided to students FREE OF CHARGE through the support of the Arkansas Community Foundation!

The program is facilitated by TheatreSquared - an award-winning regional theatre company, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The program offers a unique exposure to nontraditional methodologies of creating theatre, placing them in the dual role of writer and performer.  Students work with professional playwrights, poets, directors, musicians and actors to explore the process of creating a unique performance.  During our residential sessions, students work collaboratively as an ensemble to devise an original script that will be rehearsed for an end-of-session showcase.

Our faculty members are professional artists, who hold Masters Degrees in their artistic disciplines.  Over the course of eight days, students will be given the opportunity to work with professional directors, playwrights, poets, musicians and performers.  These professional artists, who have years of experience teaching, will help guide the students through the process of creating original work through non-traditional methodologies.  Students will also have the opportunity to explore written work, but also experience performance art, musical performances and visual art installations.  

During the summer of 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the SummerStage program will be offered through remote delivery.  The goals of the program will remain intact, but some adjustments have been made for the safety of participants.  


- The program will be Non-Residential  (students will participate remotely from their own homes)

- The training will be delivered remotely during the hours of 10am and 3pm.   (participants will need access to a computer and internet throughout the hours of instruction) 

- Only seniors (class of 2020 AND class of 2021) are eligible to participate

- We will be focusing on individual coaching to help students strengthen their technique.  Coaching will be available in Acting, writing and Musical Theatre Performance.  Each accepted student will meet with the coordinator to assess how they would like to use their individual coaching time.  

-Spots will be limited.  

SummerStage 2020

JULY 20-24